Foundation for New American Art


Dance class at Foundation for New American Art

Foundation for New American Art is a non profit 501(c)(3)

We bring art and music to low income, at-risk children.
We offer self-expression as an alternative to gang violence, drugs and crime.
We engage children in experiences that reinforce a positive personal identity, strong peer relationships, quality skill development in the arts, and a powerful sense of community responsibility.
Our teachers are trained to nurture, educate and support the artists of tomorrow.
Studies show that art and music education improve cognitive function, memory and social skills.
Children are the most important thing in the world.
We cherish the young visionary artists of tomorrow.
Artists are everywhere.
We serve communities of color, immigrant communities, diverse communities, artistic and talented LGBT children, Native American children, children with disabilities, abandoned and forgotten children.
We are advocates for programs that empower young girls.
Our board is as diverse as the communities we serve.
All children are precious. It is our honor to serve them.
We are located in New York City.

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