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Awesome Art & Music Projects for Cool Caregivers!


Phoebe Songbundle teaches art at an intergenerational workshop 2022

Who are Cool Caregivers?

These are very special families where kids are really lucky because they get to spend

time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters & brothers who LOVE THEM SO MUCH! 


We LOVE Cool Caregivers! That's why we are writing a special book to help the generations have FUN! LEARN! GROW! and TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER! 

 Sign up for our free program Paintbrushes Not Guns every Saturday from 10:30 - Noon. Grandparents can come too! Our program is for EVERYBODY.


Here's a photo from a recent workshop about Design using Patterns in Nature!  

Keep in touch! 

And if you want to share YOUR story of being caregiver who is an Aunt, a Grandparent or an older sister and brother we want to LISTEN to your PERSONAL STORY!


You might end up being featured in our book and movie about Cool Caregivers! 

Write to me, Phoebe Songbundle,

INFO at foundationfornewamericanart dot Org.